Clearwater divorce lawyers, simple or contested divorce attorneys

Clearwater Divorce LawyersClearwater divorce lawyers and Clearwater family law attorneys in FL reduce their fees to help Pinellas County residents with simple, uncontested and contested divorces. Clearwater family law lawyers in Clearwater, FL are affordable and are needed after a divorce is complete or if the parties have never been married.

Divorce in Clearwater is also called dissolution of marriage and facilitated through the Clearwater divorce court locally.

Our dissolution of marriage attorneys will provide you with help through your time of need.Clearwater simple and uncontested divorce lawyers have flat fees at $699 and only $150 an hour for a contested divorce attorney in Clearwater Florida.

Our Clearwater Divorce Attorneys can help with low cost Lawyer fees

Todays stressful economic times in the Clearwater Pinellas area are taking their toll on families. Affordable Legal Fees lawyers will you help with divorce and family related legal problems in your community. Our lawyers are experienced with caring legal practitioners in Pinellas County. We recognize the need for affordable and low cost divorce lawyers and even flat fee legal fees when applicable here at Affordable Legal Fees. Family law is the area of legal practice that includes divorce, child custody, child support, custody modifications, child support modifications and violence injunction lawyers in Clearwater and Clearwater Beach FL.

Clearwater divorce attorneys or family law lawyers handle contested, uncontested and simple divorces.

What is a simple divorce or what is an uncontested divorce?

A simple divorce or uncontested divorce lawyer in Clearwater is used when both parties have agreed that they want to dissolve the marriage, have agreed on how property is divided, have resolved all custody matters and while there may be some, or even a great deal of disappointment and anger, things are settled amicably. Our Clearwater simple divorce lawyer fees begin at $699 plus court costs. You can save between 25% and up to 50% by using one of our experienced Clearwater Pinellas divorce lawyers. Often one of our simple divorce lawyers will provide an uncontested or simple divorce for a flat fee or fixed fee for the dissolution of marriage excluding filing fees.

What is a contested divorce?

A contested divorce attorney in Clearwater is needed when the parties have failed to reach agreement on one or more of the above issues. Most soon to be separated couples wish they could part using a simple or uncontested divorce. Unfortunately, soon to be divorced couples are usually driven by anger and create great hostility between the parties. Grave legal issues are at stake, child custody, child visitation, alimony and more. Legally, it is up to you to protect your rights and to do so you need a legal advocate. Contested divorces need more time and cost than uncontested divorces. However, by using a Clearwater divorce lawyer from Affordable Legal Fees we accept as little as $150 per hour to resolve your contested divorce and protect your rights, court costs are extra. If you are still asking yourself; what is a simple divorce or what is an uncontested divorce, please contact us for a free divorce consultation for Clearwater or Clearwater Beach.

Our Clearwater child custody attorneys or child time share lawyers can help you.

In a contested divorce the most contentious issue usually involves child custody. It is unfortunate that the person who suffers most in this angry and bitter dispute is the child. Our divorce attorneys know this and try to cut the effect your child might have to a long and drawn out custody battle.

Custody comes in many flavors. There is joint custody, where the ex-spouses share in the child rearing equally. Time is split between Mom and Dad. There is sole custody, where one parent has sole responsibility for raising the child. Physical custody may be awarded to one parent but decision-making for schooling, health care and the like is done by both parties accept when one parent is awarded both sole and physical custody.

If joint custody is not the outcome, the parent who doesnt have custody will want visitation rights. They may be awarded with or without supervision. At times, out of spite, one parent will accuse the other of child abuse or sexual abuse. The stigma attached to this is long-lasting. A family lawyer can help resolve custody and visitation issues before it reaches such a point. If however, your spouse really is guilty of such action, the divorce attorney you were referred to by Affordable Family Law will take every possible measure to protect your child and you. Our attorneys fee is a flat rate of $150 per hour.

Clearwater child support and modification lawyers want what’s best for everybody.

Child support is a monthly sum of money that the parent who has physical custody of the child may be awarded by the court to pay for some of the expenses of raising a child. In a contested divorce, child support is likely to become an issue as the anger of the spouse has not had time to recede, money becomes a weapon. Affordable Legal Fees will look out for the rights of you and your child and be your advocate while not throwing oil on the fire. The fee is a flat rate or $150 per hour plus court costs and/or filing fees.

Visitation modification lawyer in Clearwater can help with child visitation or child time sharing.

Whether a divorce was harmonious or contest afterwards life goes on. Sometimes, one spouse will move out of the immediate area. If timeshare, visitation or joint custody in Clearwater-Pinellas was agreed to, it might have to be changed. While this is very difficult for the child, it is also hard on the spouse who is moving. They will seek to change the visitation agreement so that they continue to have the ability to see their kid regularly. This may mean they seek holiday time share, visitation and/or extended visitation when school is out. Our legal experts receive a flat fee or $150 per hour for modifying a visitation agreement. Any court cost or filing fees are not included.

Clearwater alimony and child support modification lawyer’s work with set Florida Guidelines.

Sometimes circumstances change and one spouse wants to decrease the amount of child support they are paying or the parent with physical custody or that parent wants it increased. If the original divorce was a contested one this could become a tense situation. Seeking the advice of a Clearwater family lawyer is best course of action to protect your legal rights. Alimony lawyers in Clearwater are used to a request for an upward or downward adjustment for alimony. Usually, the ex-spouse getting alimony is apt to want more alimony while the one paying it wants to pay less.

If you’re looking for a simple divorce in Clearwater Beach, Clearwater divorce lawyer or Clearwater dissolution of marriage, you are at the right place for legal representation. If you still don’t understand and asking, what is a contested divorce or what is an uncontested divorce please pick up the phone and call Affordable Legal Fees for a free divorce consultation with one of our lawyers in Clearwater. It is best to call an affordable, cheap or low cost Clearwater Divorce and family law attorney who has over 14 years of experience so call (727) 498-5828 for a free lawyer consultation.