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Tampa attorneys would like to think that our area hosts some of the best divorce, bankruptcy, DUI, criminal, personal injury and car accident attorneys in Florida.

We can’t say who is the best Brandon or Tampa attorney but we can say we have some of the best lawyers with the lowest and cheapest fees because our lawyers reduce their legal fee from 25% to 50% because they care.

Our experienced and affordable attorneys will listen and give you reasonable options in your quest for legal assistance. Our law professionals will handle your case with sensitivity and efficiency.

Affordable Legal Fees | Affordable Tampa Attorneys

Our network of attorneys in Tampa and Brandon has between five and fifteen years of experience and provide low cost and cheap attorney fees to the public. During these days of unemployment and financial distress, everybody wants affordable legal fees when they need legal help.

Our Tampa attorneys can help you with social security, disability, wills, probate, estate planning, foreclosure, medical malpractice and other practices of law in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.

You can contact us for a free, no obligation, consultation for Tampa, Lutz, Carroll Wood, Brandon, Town ‘n Country and Wesley Chapel areas of Hillsborough and Pasco Counties. We will help you schedule a free consultation to speak with one of our affordable Florida attorneys by calling us at (813) 402-0777 or toll-free at (800) 545-2001.

When you need legal help it’s important for you to feel comfortable choosing a professional who has experience and cares about your financial wellbeing while protecting your legal issues.

Affordable Legal Fees attorneys show they care by providing you with some of the best attorney fees available in the Florida State. We know that what you’re going through calls for an experienced but low cost attorney in these days of economic hardships. The fees shown on our website are what the attorneys charge for their work and exclude costs (one such cost could be filing fees with the courts).

Family Law Attorney

After a divorce, a Tampa family law attorney will help you through guardianship, child support, support modification, child custody, visitation, violence injunctions, alimony and child time sharing.

Divorce Lawyer

When you need a Tampa Divorce attorney for dissolution of marriage in Florida you can have a simple divorce (fees from $699), uncontested divorce (fees from $699) or a contested divorce (fees are $150/hour). Regardless of your needs you want an experienced lawyer with low cost, cheap and affordable legal fees.

Family Law Attorney

After a divorce a Tampa family law attorney will help you through guardianship, child support, support modification, child custody, visitation, violence injunctions, alimony and child time sharing.

DUI Defense Lawyer

You need a Tampa DUI lawyer to help you manage your legal rights to minimize your exposure to the legal down falls that can follow a DUI charge! Reduction or termination of charges is always the main goal when dealing with driving under the Influence of alcohol or DUI defense attorney.

Tampa Criminal Defense

After being arrested for a misdemeanor or a felony charge a criminal defense attorney can be the difference between you having your charges reduced terminated, expunged. In many cases real jail time is a possibility and again a Tampa criminal defense attorney can be the one person standing between you and a reduced sentence or keeping you out of jail and home with your family. Bail bond reduction law is important for those without the means to make high bonds. Teenage criminal offence and traffic tickets can also be handled by our legal professionals. Car Accident Lawyer Auto Accident Attorney Personal Injury Attorneys Our Fort Lauderdale car accident, motorcycle accident, commercial truck lawyers will aggressively pursue those at fault and responsible for your auto injuries here in Tampa Florida.

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