Wesley Chapel Divorce Lawyers, simple divorce from $699

Can I hire a Wesley Chapel divorce lawyer even if I’m the reason that my partner wants to leave me? Regardless if you are filing divorce in Wesley Chapel or any city within the State of Florida it is important to know that the Sunshine State is a no fault state.

A no fault state means is that in order to file for this action, neither party in the relationship has to prove any wrong doing on the other persons part. To file a divorce in Wesley Chapel all that needed is to be proven that a legal marriage exists.

I just moved to Wesley Chapel, can I hire a divorce lawyer to help me

If one of the parties has been a Wesley Chapel resident in Pasco County for at least six months, a divorce can be filed after this time frame has passed. It may help to have driver’s license to prove residency or form of a utility bill.

What is the difference between a Wesley Chapel divorce lawyer and a family law lawyer

Divorce attorneys in Wesley Chapel also practice family law in Pasco County because even if the marriage is over they both deal with pre-divorce and post-divorce issues.

What is simple divorce in Wesley Chapel?

Should both parties agree on the terms with no children or real estate property and assets a divorce then can be considered as a simple divorce. Our divorce lawyers in Wesley Chapter know that a divorce with less stress is healthy for all involved.

What is an uncontested divorce ?

Wesley Chapel divorce lawyers view an uncontested divorce much like a simple divorce because both parties agree or have compromised on all of the divorce terms. The difference is that a simple divorce involves no children, real estate or assets where if you have children, real estate or assets the divorce is no longer considered simple.

What is contested divorce in Wesley Chapel?

Many times couples who file with one of our Wesley Chapel divorce Lawyers are unable to agree on each other’s’ terms, therefore this type of divorce will be considered a contested divorce.

Wesley Chapel Divorce Lawyers can be affordable, simple divorce starts from $699 if contested our lawyers can help you for $150 per hr.