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Brandon DUI lawyersOur experienced and affordable Brandon DUI lawyers will tell you that if you are arrested for a drunk driving or driving under the influence in Brandon, FL it is a serious offense. Regardless if you live in Valrico or Brandon it a humiliating situation for you, but it can be embarrassing and stressful for everyone involved.

Our professional Brandon attorneys are experienced and compassionate lawyers are here to help you get through this trying time so that you can deal with it and get back to your life, your work and hold your head high with loved ones. We understand that when you are arrested you are upset.

Call our experienced Brandon DUI Attorneys who are standing by to advice you on your legal rights and put your mind at ease. We will do everything in our power to make sure your case is handled fairly, justly and with our expertise of the law at hand.

DUI in Brandon or Valrico Florida

A DUI offense is taken extremely seriously. When you were pulled over, the authorities believed that you were endangering other lives while driving under the influence, including your own life. The law does not take this offense lightly. If you have a blood-alcohol level over the states maximum blood-alcohol content (BAC) of .08 percent, you can be arrested. If you have levels above this limit, it means you are intoxicated and unfit to drive. Thus, you are DUI- driving under the influence.

At .20 percent above the legal limit of .08 percent, a driver may face additional penalties. If you refuse chemical testing for intoxication, you face even more repercussions.

The Good News about our experienced Brandon DUI Lawyers

Our low-cost Brandon DUI Attorneys are here to help you. We have highly experienced lawyers who are offering their low-cost services to people such as you. We will assist you with your criminal offense and go to court in most cases so that you do not have to miss any time from work. Our lawyers have reduced their fees to help the public starting from $999. We prefer to call our attorneys affordable and low-cost rather than cheap because they will provide you with the most professional expertise available. Our service is unique because we offer professional lawyers at a reduced rate by starting our fees at $999, excluding costs.

FACT: You have only 10 days from the exact date you were arrested for a DUI to request an administrative review hearing to retain your driving privileges. This formal administrative review hearing is held after 10 days so that you can ask to retain your driving privileges and for the state of Florida to grant or not grant the ability to maintain your driver’s license with or without restrictions.

If you do not go to your formal administrative review hearing your Florida driver’s license will be suspended for six months for failing a breathalyzer test, and a one year suspension for refusing to submit to their required tests. A hardship license can be obtained should you qualify under specific guidelines which your attorney can help you with.

Allow one of our affordable Brandon DUI attorneys to ask the State to reduce, dismiss or take your case to trial based on the evidence or your desires. We have highly exceptional DUI Lawyers in Brandon with no less than five years of criminal defense and DUI defense who will proudly serve you.

Most people don’t know that most DUI attorneys are criminal defense lawyers in Brandon and Valrico FL. A DUI arrest is at the very least considered a misdemeanor offense and can easily be a felony depending on the offense at the time of your arrest. When you need an experienced Valrico or Brandon DUI lawyer with affordable, cheap or low cost attorney fees call (813)402-0777 for a free consultation.

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