The best Florida lawyer fees that we can offer.

By using our Florida Law Firm, Affordable Legal Fees can save you money on all your legal needs. Our Florida Lawyers can reduce legal fees up to 50% to help the public. Legal fees exclude costs (one example of cost is filing fees when applicable).


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Common Fees


Affordable Legal Fees

Divorce Uncontested $1,200 $699
Divorce Contested $250/hr. $150/hr.
Alimony / Visitation / Child Support $250/hr. $150/hr.
Paternity / Modifications $250/hr. $150/hr.
Misdemeanor / DUI $2,000 $999
Felony $5,000 $1,999
Auto Accident 33.3% 25%
Personal Injury 33.3% 25%

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Our Florida lawyers are licensed legal professionals in good standing with the Florida Bar

The Florida Bar sets the standards that legal students must meet in both education and ethics; and are subject to the governing bodies disciplinary authority.

Find a Florida lawyer specific to your needs

Florida lawyers are licensed legal professionals, but keep in mind that the practice of law is very large in scope and no one attorney can effectively practice them all. Affordable Legal Fees attorneys are not normally “general practice attorneys”. We will have attorneys who’s main practice specifically covers the areas of law you need.

Most common lawyer requests we receive

Tampa Divorce attorneys normally work with divorce clients but may very well be a Florida family law attorney because many people who are divorced have legal issues long after their wedding bands are off. After a divorce ex-partners may need help on subjects like time sharing, child support, alimony and support modification.

Tampa DUI lawyers usually also practices as a Florida criminal defense attorney also because a DUI and DWI are both considered a criminal offense and can fall into a misdemeanor and felony class of offense.

Tampa Personal injury lawyers or auto accident lawyers will try to recover damages that you have suffered do to another person or persons negligence. Normally for no upfront fees and the FL personal injury attorney will only get paid if moneys are recovered. Keep in mind an attorney will only take cases if he or she feels that the case has a good chance for recovery.

Finding an attorney can be very expensive but with our Florida Law Firm, we can reduce fees by as little as 25% to as high as 50% depending on the type of law.

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Affordable Legal Fees does not collect information for any purpose other than to provide the attorney with your contact information. By entering your information in our contact form, you are giving our professional attorneys permission to contact you. Injury-related persons may be informed of pre-settlement loan programs available.

Affordable Legal Fees provides affordable legal help in the following areas of law.

Auto Accident

Auto Accidents occur every day in Florida, Affordable Legal Fees can help if you or loved one have been injured or killed in a car accident. Our affordable Tampa car accident attorneys can help make sure you receive the compensation you deserve, whether you are at fault or if the accident was the fault of another person.

Family Law

Difficult times and expensive legal fees prevent families from protecting their personal legal rights. Affordable Legal Fees can handle any family law legal matter. Let our experience and knowledge work for you. Our attorneys provide affordable family law, if you need a Family Law Attorney contact us today for a free consultation.


Going through a Divorce can be one of the most stressful times a person can face in their life. Affordable legal fees can provide the legal help you need to get you through this trying time. Our Tampa and Orlando attorneys understand the law and legal system. We will make sure you get the best legal representation at the most affordable price.

Criminal Defense

Facing a criminal offense in Tampa Florida can be serious, we understand that even minor infractions can have harsh consequences and heavy fines to pay. We specialize in DUI, traffic violations, theft and serious crimes such as murder. In the likely event you need a defense lawyer our Tampa criminal defense attorneys can build a strong defense on your behalf. Time is essential, this give our defense team more time to prepare your case. Don’t leave your fate in the hands of an inexperienced attorney or public defender. We offer affordable criminal defense in Tampa and Orlando Florida, don’t hesitate contact us today.

Motorcycle Accident

Unfortunately Motorcycle Accidents and fatalities happen all too often in Tampa Florida. Many times accidents are caused by careless drivers not paying attention or simply caused by people disregarding traffic laws. Motorcycle accidents usually result in death or serious debilitating injuries. Affordable legal fees has the knowledge and experience to represent your personal injury case. Our affordable personal injury attorneys in Tampa are here to help you get you the most out of your settlement and the compensation you deserve.

If you need low cost, cheap or affordable legal help in Tampa Florida you want Affordable Legal Fees Law Firm.

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Affordable Legal Fees
Professional and affordable legal services while reducing our attorney fees for divorce, family law, DUI, criminal defense and personal injury in Florida.

Services include family law, divorce representation, criminal defense, personal injury law, car accident legal services, and more.

We serve Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Brandon, Clearwater, Lakeland, Wesley Chapel, and Central Florida.