Orlando Family Law Attorneys or dissolution of marriage

Orlando Family Law Attorneys from $150 per hour. When a Family law lawyer performs a divorce in Orlando or dissolution of marriage and the parties cannot agree as to the division of property, child support, visitation and other various divorce related issues the divorce is considered a contested divorce.

One of our Orlando Family Law Attorneys will oversee your case and try a number of methods to reach an agreement using a court approved Mediator in Orange County.

If the Mediation also fails to provide a satisfactory solution to the outstanding issues, then a final hearing will be set and the court will make the decision concerning those issues that still need to be finalized. Fees exclude filing fees and costs.

Uncontested Divorce Attorneys, Orlando Simple Divorce Lawyers from $699.

When parties agree to all the outstanding issues that have to be decided during a divorce case, it is referred to as an uncontested divorce in Orange County. This means that the parties have already decided how to divide the marital property and agree on all the other related decisions. An Orlando Divorce Lawyer could then proceed to prepare the necessary Dissolution of Marriage paperwork and file it with the court. The case would then proceed without the necessity of Mediation and having a final hearing where it is up to the court to decide the outcome regarding division of marital property. An uncontested divorce is always the most desirable due to the fact that the parties involved are able to make the decisions, instead of having the court do so. Fees exclude filing fees and costs.

Child Support Lawyer and Modification in Orlando

When a divorce is about to take place, the issue of Child Support has to be decided. There are guidelines to follow with regard to parents income and these guidelines aid in compiling the correct amount of Child Support that needs to be paid each month. Our Orlando Family Law Attorneys can advise client as to the amount of Child Support to be paid based on income and other factors. A written order spelling out the amount of Child Support to be paid will then be filed with the court and the order will need to be adhered to. However, if circumstances change, such as a job loss, a support modification may need to be filed with your local government. In that situation, the party can notify the court of the change in circumstances and income so that adjustments can be made to the amount of Child Support already set by the court in the current order.

Child Custody and Visitation is called Child Time Share in Orlando Courts

When parents decide to divorce and there are one or more minor children common to both parties, the parents need to decide which parent will have custody of the child or children and a Orlando Family Law Attorney can be invaluable. Child Custody issues can be very emotional and sometimes quite complicated. An Orlando Family Law Attorney can be a great source of comfort and security when it comes to making decisions as critical as to how and where the child or children will live. Visitation is another issue just as critical and as emotional as custody. There are lots of couples who have a great visitation schedule, both parents adhere to the court ordered schedule and it seems to work fine for them. Unfortunately, not every divorce case is like that and the need for an Orlando Family Law Attorney can vary among divorcing couples.

Orlando Violence Injunction Lawyer

Most of us would like to believe that there is no great need to possess a Domestic Violence Injunction, but unfortunately, these situations exist and cannot be avoided. Therefore, if you find yourself in a situation where having a Domestic Violence Injunction might help you, then it may be time to contact one of our Orlando Family Law Attorneys. An injunction can prevent an individual from having any contact with you in any form or possibly prevent the person from even coming around you. An injunction is very clear what the person, who has an injunction against him, can and cannot do. Any violation of the terms of an injunction can have severe penalties for that individual. In most cases, an injunction is temporary and good for 30 days; however, a court hearing may be set to have the injunction made permanent.

Alimony Lawyers / Alimony Modification Attorneys

Alimony is the payment of one ex-spouse to the other ex-spouse on a temporary or permanent basis. Our Orlando Family Law Attorneys can help advise a client going through a divorce with the terms that need to be met before alimony can be paid as well as other issues related to alimony. There are many factors that determine if any alimony will be paid, and if so, when and for how long. These factors include the length of marriage, an ex-spouse’s ability to support him/her after the divorce, etc. A number of factors must be considered before alimony is ordered to be paid and Our Orlando Family Law Attorneys can determine if alimony is a possibility in your case.

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