Florida auto accident lawyersFlorida auto accident lawyers or Florida car accident attorneys deal with bodily injury and emotional distress following a car, motorcycle, school bus, bus line, truck or tractor trailer accident on our Florida streets and highways. When you are involved in an auto accident in FL, you may feel that your injury could have been prevented.

Injured victims often contact a FL car accident lawyer for legal help and may allege negligence or particle negligence due to a person, product defect or other contributing factors responsible for their injury. When the question of negligence comes into play, often a legal remedy is an avenue for compensation to the injured person.

There are no upfront costs to the injured person should the attorney feel confident that they will be able to recover money from the party or parties responsible for the victims injury. Fees are only paid to the attorney if monies are awarded to the injured person in the lawsuit.

Types of Accidents and Personal Injury information

  • Auto accidents and auto injury claims will involve at least one car, SUV, pickup truck or van.
  • Car accidents and car injury will normally involve at least one small car.
  • Motorcycle accidents and motorcycle Injuries are often more grave in nature than injuries occurred in larger vehicles.
  • School Bus accidents and bus line injuries often cause injury to the children and elderly riders.
  • Truck accidents or tractor trailer accidents can be horrific when a large truck hits a small car.

Florida contingency legal fees
The best Florida car accident attorney or auto accident contingency legal fees our lawyers can offer the public start from 25% not 33.3% so you keep more settlement money. Our legal fees are this low because our network of attorneys has agreed to reduce their fees to help the public through our service. It’s your pain and suffering not the attorney’s and legal firms. The legal fees exclude costs and if you need to find a Florida auto injury lawyer who cares, you have come to the right place. Remember less fees means you keep more settlement money for your pain and suffering.

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