Tampa Simple Divorce Lawyers, and Contested Divorce in Tampa FL

Tampa Simple Divorce Attorneys are here to help. Going through a divorce is difficult and it’s a heartbreaking time for the family, the children, and everyone involved. Everybody has the best of intentions going into your marriage and the goal is for it to last a lifetime but it doesn’t always work out that way. It is our goal to provide you with both a fast divorce and a professional divorce while protecting your rights.

Even though our legal fees might be called cheap divorce, in Tampa Bay, we are only talking about the money we intend to save you, not the type of professional service we give our clients. It is our every intention to be thorough, understanding, and efficient in all our services we provide.

File a quick and simple uncontested divorce $699

Every one of our family law and Tampa divorce attorneys has a minimum of five years of experience. When you live in Tampa Bay and need a quick divorce, cheap divorce or a simple divorce, you have come to the right place with Affordable Legal Fees.

We know the law, know the options available to you and provide you with the most efficient service available. When there are children or assets to consider, there are numerous situations to iron out. Our Tampa divorce attorneys, with Affordable Legal Fees, can help you with adoption, distribution of property or assets, violence injunctions, visitation, child support, prenuptial agreement, alimony, child custody, paternity, guardianship and modifications of previous agreements ordered by the courts.

Tampa divorce laws can help you obtain the legal remedy you are looking for when applicable. Our experienced Tampa divorce lawyers use divorce statutes along with affordable attorney fees to help you through your troubling times.

Contested or Uncontested Divorce / Tampa Divorce Attorneys fight for your rights

Our Tampa divorce attorneys and Tampa family law lawyers will aggressively negotiate and fight for your rights both out of and in the court room. Not all divorces are won in the court room but often must end up there. There are two types of divorces, contested and uncontested. A person going through a divorce should think about a Tampa divorce lawyer in protecting his or her rights because if only one person has representation, the party without representation can be at a big disadvantage. Because our lawyers provide the public with cheap divorce lawyer fees, it makes for a more affordable divorce than most other private practices and law firms.

Dealing with a simple Uncontested Tampa Divorce

Uncontested simple divorce is from $699.00 excluding filing fees and costs. Tampa Divorce Attorneys can help with uncontested divorce, also called a Tampa simple divorce lawyer, who works with partners who agree on the divorce making the process fairly easy and satisfactory to all involved. Our attorneys will provide you with a simple cost effective solution.

Contested Tampa Divorce

Contested divorce lawyer fees are $150.00 an hour We pride ourselves in offering affordable and cheap divorce attorney fees. Our experienced divorce attorneys strive to make sure you get a quick divorce and will be firm in representing your side as your legal professionals.

Tampa divorce attorneys can also help with a contested divorce in which a lawyer works with partners who disagree on the divorce terms, which makes the divorce process very difficult and hard on all parties involved. Often the disagreement can be over real estate, investments, assets, alimony, child support or time sharing of the children. It’s sad that the disagreements are not always reasonable due to the emotions of the marital breakup.

Tampa Simple Divorce Attorneys – Simple Divorce explained

An uncontested simple divorce is quicker and less expensive than a contested divorce; however, when the parties are angry with one another and hurt that the marriage has failed, reaching an agreement may face difficulties. Issues such as child custody and visitation are on the table as are alimony, along with child support and division of property. It is a good practice to have both sides represented by Tampa divorce attorneys so that in the end the final agreements respect each parties understanding of what the agreement contains. We can only hope your divorce can be a simple divorce in Hillsborough County.

There is nothing sadder than a contested divorce. Parties to this type of action are angry, hurt and sometimes feel guilty that the marriage as failed. The same issues couples face in an uncontested divorce are at hand in a contested one. Our Hillsborough County attorneys deal with alimony, property, child support and custody in their day to day law practices. The difference is that the parties cannot get past their feelings and animus to come to an agreement. It is vital that you hire one of our Tampa divorce attorneys to represent you so that your rights stay protected. Allegations, false and true, come from parties to a contested divorce. Some of them can have serious repercussions about custody issues and alimony.

Child Time Share – Child Custody

There are four types of child custody: legal custody, physical custody, sole custody and joint custody. Legal custody gives a parent the sole right to make all decisions about the child. What schools the child attends, who provides healthcare to the child and decisions on spiritual training are in the hands of the parent who has legal custody. Frequently, the courts grant joint legal custody so that both parents share the responsibilities and do not lose their legal rights. In a contested divorce this could be an area of battle as well as other custody and visitation issues. Physical custody establishes with whom the child will reside. If physical custody is not shared, the court will impose a visitation schedule for the other parent. Sole custody refers to both legal and physical custody. While courts aren’t reluctant to grant sole physical custody, it is becoming rare for a judge to grant sole legal custody. Custody issues are complex. Tampa divorce attorneys are your best advisors for issues related to children time share, custody and visitation.

Child Visitation Rights

Visitation is the time given by the court to the parent without physical custody to spend time with a child. There are circumstances where there is a request for modification of visitation rights, i.e. A new job moves a parent away; the parent wants a different schedule, perhaps block time instead of weekends and perhaps an evening or two. If the parties cannot agree, the case will go to Family court. Seek the advice of a Tampa divorce attorney on this issue. Visitation can be supervised or unsupervised as mandated by the court. Visitation privileges can be modified in the future most commonly facilitated by an attorney.

Tampa Divorce – Alimony

In a non-contested divorce, the parties have agreed to alimony terms. The amount and the payment terms decided, Rehabilitative alimony is a lump sum or monthly payment to allow the spouse time to reenter the job market. Ordinary alimony is to cover the ex-partner’s living expenses. It is a lump sum payment or a monthly payment that is ongoing unless the spouse marries. In a contested divorce, alimony is an issue fraught with acrimony. Though Florida has a formula for establishing alimony payments, it is loosely followed by the court. Adultery can also be a factor in alimony. Legal representation is a must regarding alimony.

Tampa Divorce Lawyers – Child Support Modification

Tampa Child support is a sum of money that is paid to the spouse who has physical custody. It is for the child’s clothing, food, schooling and other necessary things. Generally, legal responsibility for child care ends when the child reaches age 18. Sometimes one spouse may ask for a change in child support. The paying spouse may have lost a job, is working at a lower paying job or became disabled. He or she may ask that the child support be lowered as the original amount is no longer affordable. The spouse with physical custody may ask that the amount be modified upward due to unforeseen needs of the child. This need can include things such as tutoring for a learning disabled child, uncovered medical expenses and other things. Unfortunately, people do get emotional about money. It is wise to seek advice, and if needed, representation from a Tampa divorce attorney if the issue arises.

Tampa Divorce Attorneys – Violence Injunction

Sometimes a divorce action starts due to an abusive and violent spouse. If you are in a situation like this, immediately seek the advice of one of the Tampa divorce attorneys. One of our attorneys will help you get a Violence Injunction here in Tampa Bay. This legally bars the spouse from approaching you within 500 feet. Moreover, it forces the violent partner to move out of your home.

Our affordable divorce attorneys reduce their fees for those seeking legal help through our service, which is free to the public. Please call us at (813) 402-0777 to schedule a free consultation with one of our Tampa divorce attorneys. Divorce laws in Tampa or divorce statues are subject to change and you need an experienced Tampa divorce lawyer who knows Tampa divorce laws.

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