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Tampa Family law attorneys like Tampa divorce lawyers handle married couples and previously divorced issues including unmarried couples with children.

The most common family law issue is divorce or the dissolution of marriage and also provides help with adoption, prenuptial agreement, paternity issues, restraining orders, alimony (spousal support), child support, child custody and visitation.

Of course our experienced professional can help you with grandparent visitation, division of marital property and marital debt.

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Tampa family law attorneys lower their legal fees

Hillsborough County family law attorneys lower their legal fees through Affordable Legal Fees to help those in need of divorce and other family law needs. When you need affordable, cheap or low cost Tampa family law attorneys we will treat you with respect and courtesy. When you need legal aid in Tampa Bay during your dissolution of marriage (contested or uncontested divorce) or family law needs it’s nice to know that your initial consultation is free. We will honestly assess your situation and be honest with you about the circumstances of your case. We understand that family legal issues are always hard on the separating partners, children, family and friends.

Tampa Family Law Categories

Contested Divorce Lawyer $150.00 per hour

A Tampa divorce lawyer that takes a contested dissolution of marriage takes on a client that a divorce where two parties cannot agree on the divorce terms. The terms that many parting partners deal with are subjects like child time sharing, division of marital assets, alimony or any combination of the above. Unfortunately, much anger and stress usually accompanies a contested divorce and many times best left to a Tampa divorce lawyer to keep a spouse more grounded and kept up to speed on what true legal rights they may have.

Contested divorces in Tampa Bay, as in all of Florida are litigated in court and take longer than other uncontested divorces or simple divorces. In almost all states, contested divorces are not resolved by jury but by a family court judge. All issues that are not resolved by negotiation are settled by the family court judge. It is absolutely necessary that you hire a Tampa divorce lawyer to represent your interests if you’re involved in a contested divorce.

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Legal fees from $699.00 plus filling fees and costs

An uncontested divorce or simple divorce in Tampa unlike a contested one has a lower level of stress during the dissolution of marriage and makes for a quicker divorce and less expensive. While an uncontested divorce is less costly, it allows the marriage to end with dignity and the likelihood of a healthier environment for you and your children. The ability of a couple to end a marriage in a more amicable manner is a good thing for all parties involved. Even if your divorce is uncontested, it is important to having a Tampa divorce attorney or family law attorney to prepare your legal documents. By consulting a lawyer you make sure that your understanding or agreement terms meet your short term and future needs.

Child Support Lawyer / Child Support Modification LawyerFlat rate or $150 per hour

Child support is the payment, usually on a monthly basis, of money that is designated to be used for the support of the children of a divorced couple. Either party may be responsible to pay child support. Generally, the spouse who has physical custody of the child or children receives support child support payments from the other spouse.

Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances do change. A child may develop a learning disability and require tutoring which was unanticipated, inflation may cause the initially agreed upon child support insufficient. On the other hand, the spouse who is paying child support may suffer a financial set-back which makes it difficult or impossible to maintain the agreed level of child support. When either one of these situations or others occur either spouse may request a modification of child support. Unfortunately, money matters quickly deteriorate to contentious issues and cannot be resolved between the parties. This situation can easily wind up in family court. Wise parties to a child support modification issue will seek representation from one of the Tampa family law attorneys such as Affordable Family Law.

Child Time Sharing | Child Custody | Child Visitation Flat rate or $150 per hour

Whether a divorce is contested or uncontested child custody, child visitation or child time sharing issues frequently arise. The parent who has physical custody of the child may want to move out-of-state, making the original agreement impossible to follow. Or, the parent with physical custody can create obstacles that make following the visitation of the other parent difficult or unviable. In some cases, the parent who does not have physical custody feels that life style changes by the parent with physical custody is detrimental to the children and wants to seek physical custody.

All these scenarios, and many more, may be resolved by mutual agreement. If that is the case, both parties should seek the advice of their own Tampa Lawyers to review the written agreement. If you have an agreement whereby you must stay in the State of Florida or within Hillsborough County you must seek legal help to attempt to move seek the courts approval to move or even vacation.

Violence Injunction Lawyer Flat Rate

An individual may apply a Domestic Violence Injunction in Tampa Bay via the Hillsborough County court. If the injunction is granted your spouse is ordered to stay 500 feet of you. Your spouse must out of the house if you own it or are on the deed. A violation of the injunction is a criminal act and your spouse is liable to be arrested. Filing for a Domestic Violence Injunction is done in court. It has grave civil rights issues attached to it. Though not required, because of the gravity of the issues both parties need representation by one of the Tampa family law attorneys like Affordable Family Law.

Alimony Lawyer $150.00 per hour

If the parties to a divorce cannot reach an alimony agreement then the issue of alimony will go before family court. Representation by a Tampa alimony lawyer can make the difference between what you should get or not get after a deserving and giving relationship. Alimony is not limited to just the wife but in many cases for the husband. Alimony may be rehabilitative or permanent. It may be a lump sum or monthly payment. It may be permanent or for a set time period. It is generally a contentious procedure. Even though Florida is considered a no fault divorce state the court may consider adultery as a factor when calculating alimony.

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