Orlando Divorce Lawyers and Family Law

Anyone going through a divorce needs an Orlando divorce lawyer to help protect his/her rights because, without representation, the other party with representation can have the upper hand in many cases.

Affordable Legal Fees will provide you with experienced lawyers with cheap, affordable and low cost divorce attorney fees, making representation less painful financially.

Simple Orlando Divorce attorneys and uncontested Divorce

Legal fees for an uncontested divorce in Orlando are from $699 plus filing fees and costs. An uncontested or simple divorce is so much easier, quicker and less costly than a contested divorce. Divorcing partners often look for an experienced Orlando simple divorce lawyer to hurry the dissolution of marriage at a reduced cost. However, when one of the parties is angry and hurt that the marriage has failed, reaching an agreement may be harder than originally thought and can turn a simple divorce into a contested divorce very quickly. You must have issues such as child time share, the division of assets, alimony or child support worked out and agreed upon prior to filing. It is just good practice to have a divorce attorney to complete the proper legal documents to ensure that each of the parties understands what the agreement contains and how it applies to them. Keeping a divorce simple is what helps keep a difficult time as stress free as possible, not only for you, but for the children, if children should be involved.

Orlando Contested Divorce Lawyers

You will find nothing harder on ex-partners and children than a contested divorce where emotions often lead to expensive and drawn out legal proceedings. Issues that normally would play out with mature thoughts become the battlefield to strike one last blow toward the soon to be ex-partner. A contested divorce often leaves the children angry, hurt and frequently feeling guilty or as a failure leading to their parents’ separation. Identical issues that couples face in an uncontested divorce are at hand in a contested one. Our Orlando divorce attorneys in Orange County, Florida cope with alimony, property, child support and custody in their day to day law practice. The main difference is that the parties cannot get past their feelings and animus to find a legal contract. It is really necessary that you hire an Orlando divorce attorney to represent you so your rights stay protected.

Orlando Child Time Share Lawyers / Visitation Rights

Orlando child time share rights and parental visitation rights have been provided to protect the rights and privileges of each of the parents and the child or children involved in the matter of divorce. Time Share and visitation rights in Orange County, Florida are determined by the courts with the consideration of what is in the best interest of the child or children along with the consideration of the parents ability to provide a healthy and loving environment in which to live. In many states, a child at the age of 13 can choose which parent he/she wishes to live with as long as there are no extraordinary reasons to do otherwise. The child or children Time Share issue, as well as Visitation, determined by using both guidelines and parental agreements approved by the courts. Time Share, as well as Visitations, can extend outside of the parents themselves to include grandparents or even limit whether or not visitations are with or without supervision.

Orlando Child Support Attorney

After a divorce one partner usually will be mandated to pay child support by the court based on incomes and time sharing factors that are calculated by a preset formula provided by the State of Florida. Child support is important because it helps to provide the food, school supplies, clothing, medical care, insurance and housing needs of a child or children. Unfortunately, the amount of child support doesn’t always seem to be enough although it is useful when paid as ordered. The day where most mothers receive child support is long gone and it is becoming more common that mothers are also paying the fathers and grandparents child support. When children reach the age of 18 child support normally will stop being paid.

Child Support Modification

Because child support is based on income and time share of the children and should the income or period of time spent with a parent changes due to a job loss or decrease of income; the paying parent can ask the court for a modification of child support by contacting one of our affordable Orlando divorce lawyers. On the other hand, if a paying parent has an increase of income, the parent receiving child support can always ask the court to modify the child support to be increased as well. Child support modification is a frequent reason why people often call an Orlando divorce lawyer or Orlando family law attorney here in Florida.

Orlando Alimony Lawyer

In a simple divorce, if a spouse asks for and receives alimony, a lengthy and expensive legal process is bypassed. In a contested divorce the process can be very emotional and the request for financial records can be expected with full disclosure. Alimony is often a single payment or payment by month to permit the spouse time to reenter the job market. Ordinary alimony would be to cover the ex-partner’s bills. This can be one payment or a monthly payment which can be for a set duration of time or ongoing until remarried. Although Florida provides a formula for establishing alimony, these matters and arrangements are better left to your divorce attorney in Orlando to either reduce or maximize the potential of alimony issues.

Orlando Violence Injunction Attorneys

A Violence Injunction is useful in keeping a partner safe and away from another partner who has displayed actions of violence. Receiving a violence injunction forces the violent partner to move out of a shared residence and legally prohibits the violent partner from being within 500 feet of the other for a set period of time. We have been servicing central Florida since 2009 and know that when you need legal help you want affordable legal fees. Our Orlando Divorce Lawyers reduce their fees and can provide you quality and professional legal help.

Often divorce laws in Orlando or divorce statues change so having an experienced Orlando divorce lawyer who is up to date on Orlando divorce laws can greatly help your legal case.