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Tampa personal injuryOur Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys are here to help. As unfortunate as it may be, you or a loved one may require the assistance of a Personal injury lawyer. It can be a dog bite, a slip and fall, nursing home abuse, brain injury or dealing with a defective product.

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Experienced Tampa injury Lawyers can help you Keep More Settlement Money! Our Tampa personal injury attorneys have experience with numerous types of injury and accident claims including some of these listed below.

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Common Tampa Personal Injury Categories

Slip and Fall

A slip and fall means an injury occurring when someone slips, trips or falls due to a hazardous condition on someone’s property. It includes an accident at a place of business, or in your neighbor’s home, etc. Water, ice or poor lighting can be a cause. The accident can involve steps, wood floors, tile floors or sidewalks. If the pavement is uneven, or has potholes, for example, we will look into the matter whether it is failure on the business owner’s part to obey building codes, or if mistakes in design have occurred.

We will look into the matter fully and accurately to determine the outcome that is best for our clients. Some of the compensations we will seek for damages are lost income, compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses and general damages. That’s why you should look at our Tampa Slip and Fall Lawyers.

Dog Bite

Tampa Dog Bite Lawyers see many types of animal bites but dogs are the leading kind. K-9 bites can be not only painful but lead to serious injury or even death. Each year more than four million dog bites occur and most of these involve children. Dogs mostly attack because they feel threatened, are caught by surprise, or because they are protecting their owners or territories.

Children can unknowingly provoke dogs but it’s very likely the owner can be held responsible in the state of Florida due to our strict liability law. We will help you determine your compensation but we must take into consideration things like comparative negligence, if the victim was at fault or had adequate warning, if the owner has posted warning signs on his property.

Again, if you have suffered the trauma of being bitten by a dog or dogs, contact our Tampa Bay dog bite lawyers. We will do all in our power to make sure you are adequately compensated. Our dog bite attorneys know the ins and outs of the law and are here to help. Don’t forget there are many other kinds of animals in and around our homes such as cats, snakes, spiders, mice and, yes, alligators that enter into the mix of animal bites in Tampa Bay.

Defective Product

If you suffer a physical injury due to the use of a product that has become dangerous due to its defects, our Tampa personal injury attorneys are here to help you with your lawsuit claim. Sometimes ineffective labeling causes products to become defective; for example, when using prescription or over the counter drugs, household products, toys, medical devices, cars, personal care items, or cleaning products, labels can play a big part in a case. Sadly, it is usually after people have become injured or have died that it is discovered that a product is defective. Often the manufacturers are held responsible.

These types of claims are filed as product liability lawsuit claims, and are generally considered “strict liability” cases, which mean that any negligence on your part that may have contributed to the injury or illness may not ever become applicable in the lawsuit claim. If numerous people have been negatively affected by a product, more than likely a class action lawsuit will have been filed. Product liability laws vary from state to state but three things are taken into consideration: Manufacturing Defect, meaning your injury was caused by a defect in the manufacturing of a product.

Design Defect means your injury was caused by a badly designed product. Inadequate Warning means your injury was caused by a product that was known to be potentially dangerous and the company still chose not to warn consumers. Again, if you have suffered any injuries due to defective products, contact our Tampa Bay defective product lawyers.

Nursing Home Abuse

Sadly, nursing home abuse in Tampa, Florida happens all too frequently and can be a result of neglect, medication errors, bedsores and even malnutrition. These are in violation of federal health and safety regulations. In 2007, there were 37,150 complaints that were received by federal inspectors regarding nursing home conditions. Of those, 39% were substantiated and one-fifth involved neglect and even abuse. One year later it was discovered that up to 94% of nursing homes across the country were in some form of violation of federal health and safety standards, even though nursing homes are inspected annually.

By contacting our Tampa area nursing home abuse lawyers, you can rest assured that your case will be treated with compassion and understanding along with aggressiveness to make sure you are adequately compensated for any injury occurring to a loved one due to this form of personal injury. Our attorneys reduce their fees for those seeking legal help through our service which is free to the public. Because our attorneys reduce their fees, you keep more of your settlement money. We will help you schedule a free consultation to speak with one of our nursing home abuse attorneys.

Other – Personal Injury

Our Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys are here to help no matter what type of injury you may have suffered as a result of someone else’s actions, please feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.