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Orlando criminal defense lawyersYou will find our Orlando criminal lawyers provide low cost, cheap and affordable fees when compared to other attorneys and criminal law firms. During your lifetime you might find yourself in an unfortunate criminal situation that requires legal assistance. When you need legal criminal legal help you want affordable legal fees.

We at affordablelegalfees.com want to assure you that, when you are on the wrong side of the law, you get a full and fair opportunity to get back on the right side fast.

To hear the words ‘not guilty in a court of law is our goal for you. We are ready to work hard to make sure our clients have the best criminal defense possible.

If you have been arrested, our Orlando criminal defense lawyers through our service can be the difference between a conviction, reduction of charge or acquittal of one or all charges. You might be up against powerful prosecutors who are determined to get you off the streets and into jail. You will need one of our low cost and affordable lawyers with expertise, experience and backbone to fight for you. .

Orlando criminal lawyers can provide a misdemeanor legal defense from $999.

Orlando criminal lawyers can provide a felony legal defense from $1,999.

Orlando DUI lawyers can start their DUI legal fees from $999 to help the public.

Remember that legal fee, also called attorney or lawyer fees do not include court costs, fines and other moneys that are other than attorney fees.

Our Orlando criminal lawyers have between five to fifteen years of experience

Our Orlando criminal lawyers have between five to fifteen years of experience and have handled thousands of cases while working for the State of Florida and in private practice. The best criminal defense attorney fees that we can offer start from $999 for a misdemeanor and $1,999 for a felony and exclude costs. Those who have used our service are surprised to know that our attorneys reduce their normal fees to help the public through our service and sometimes refer to us as cheap criminal attorneys, low cost criminal attorneys and affordable criminal attorneys. As stated, Legal fees exclude costs.

Our criminal defense lawyers in Orlando serve Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Kissimmee, Sanford, Apopka, Deltona, Daytona Beach, Winter Springs, Oak Ridge, Lockhart, Pine Hills, Meadow Woods and St Cloud. We cover Orange County, Seminole County and surrounding counties in Central Florida, also.

Assault and Battery let our Orlando Criminal Lawyers help!

A combination of two crimes, assault is the threat of immediate physical harm and battery is actual physical violence. Even if violence hasn’t occurred, and the individual has only been touched, they can still site battery since it requires no minimum degree of force. A person can be liable as a separate crime or both together. We know the ins and outs of the law and are here to help.

Burglary Defense Lawyer in Orlando

Burglary is the unlawful entry of a home, business or other building specifically for the purpose of committing theft. Facing serious penalties of up to six years in prision is likely. We can help by using all the defensive tactics we have. If you are facing burglary with the use of a deadly weapon, breaking and entering a residence and home invasion burglary, our exceptional knowledge of Florida law can provide the best defense available to you as our clients.

Domestic Violence – Orlando Criminal Lawyers

A Domestic violence lawyer deals with spousal abuse which is a serious crime. If police respond to a 911 call, they will go out and thoroughly investigate the situation. They pay close attention to an individual who they think has been controlled by a violent partner, manipulated with power or if they may have been dominated by his/her partner. If you are arrested, there will likely be a resulting restraining order issued against the accused individual. Bail can be expensive and there may be criminal prosecution. They will be eager to label the accused as a batterer. Even if the situation was a self-defense one, you may face domestic violence charges. Our experienced defense attorneys are here to help you in case you face a civil restraining order of any criminal consequence.

Driving Under the Influence Orlando DUI Attorneys

In Orlando significant penalties will apply if you are convicted of a DUI. You may be sent to jail, be fined heavily and they will take away your license. The charge will stay on your record and affect your ability to obtain some jobs. We at affordablelegalfees.com understand all the charges and challenges when one faces a DUI. You will need a reliable and knowledgable criminal defense lawyer who knows your rights when you face things like sobriety and breathalyzer tests. We can help you with any vehicular manslaughter charges, underage drinking charges, if you have refused any sobriety tests, and a DUI on a revoked or suspended license. We are here to take you through the process step by step and keep you updated as to how your case is proceeding. We can suggest alternate sentences or a reduction of the charges. Trust our Orlando DUI defense lawyers to step in and help you with your case to the fullest extent. We offer you a free consultation, in the beginning, when you are arrested and will defend you continually during the process.

Keep in mind that you only have 10 days to challenge a DUI license suspension.

You will need to request an administrative hearing with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Failure, on your part, to do this will result in your license being suspended for 6, twelve or eighteen months depending on your particular situation. Contact us right away to help you file the correct paperwork on your behalf and possibly obtain a temporary driving permit for you. In Florida you can be convicted of a DUI if the state can prove you were impaired and the state can prove you were driving a motor vehicle with a breath alcohol level of 0.08% or higher. Let our Orlando Criminal Lawyers defend you in court and represent you during your hearing. We will keep you well informed thoroughout the entire process.

Drug Crimes

If you are arrested for a drug crime, speak only to one of our Orlando criminal lawyers. Police officers and prosecutors can take what you say- anything you say- and use it against you. It helps to know your rights. You have the right to a lawyer, jury trial and the right against self-incrimination. You have the right to produce evidence and the right to confront your accusers. If you were stopped in your car on the highway or if your home was searched, did the police have probable cause? Was there a search warrant? We can challenge the evidence if it was brought about illegally. Our low cost Orlando criminal Lawyers understand the seriousness of these allegations and will defend you accordingly.

Orlando Guns and Crimes

If you are accused of a crime and there is a firearm charge added, the situation will worsen. You will need to talk to one of our low-cost Orlando area defense attorneys right away. We represent people like you who have been arrested on criminal charges and we know the law. If there is a firearm charge added to other charges, it will add years to your sentence. The federal government can add five years to your sentence if a gun was used in the crime.

In 1999 Florida legislature passed the enhanced minimum mandatory prison terms for offenders who commit crimes with guns legislation. Following, is this new legislation called 10-20-LIFE (otherwise known as a Three Strikes Violent Felony Offender Act and the Habitual Juvenile Offender Accountability Act.): Mandates a minimum 10 year jail time for certain felonies, or attempted felonies in which the offender possesses a firearm.

• Minimum of 20 years jail time when a firearm is discharged in a criminal act.
• Minimum of 25 years jail time to life if someone is injured or killed during an act of crime.
• Minimum of 3 years jail time for possession of a firearm by a felon.
• Minimum prison term is to be served consecutively to any other form of imprisonment imposed.

Grand Theft / Petty Theft – Orlando Criminal Lawyers are here to assist you!

Grand Theft is an unlawful taking of property worth more than $300. For this crime the state must prove the individual took property from someone else with the intent to appropriate the property for personal use or use of another person who is not entitled to that property. Florida recognizes three degrees of grand theft: Grand theft of the first degree, grand theft of the second degree and grand theft of the third degree.

Grand theft of the first degree is committed if the property taken is worth more than $100,000 and/or if shipping cargo is worth more than $50,000. Grand theft of the first degree is assigned a level 7 offense ranking under Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code and is classified as a first degree felony. If convicted you could face any combination of these penalties:

• A minimum sentence of twenty-one months in prison
• A maximum sentence of thirty years in prison
• Thirty years of probation, or a fine up to $10,000

Grand theft of the second degree is committed if the property taken is worth less than $100,000 but more than $20,000, if shipping cargo is worth less than $50,000, and if emergency medical equipment is worth more than $300.

Second degree grand theft is classified as a Second Degree Felony and assigned a Level 6 offense severity ranking under Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code. If convicted of Grand Theft of the Third Degree, you would be facing any combination of the following penalties:

• A maximum sentence of fifteen years in prison
• Fifteen years of probation or a fine up to $10,000

Grand Theft of the Third Degree is committed if the property taken is worth less than $20,000, but over $300. or if it is a motor vehicle. Assigned a Level 4, 3, or 2 offense severity ranking under Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code, Grand Theft is classified as a Third Degree Felony. If convicted of Grand Theft in the Third Degree you could be facing:

• A maximum sentence of five years in prison
• Five year probation or a fines up to $5,000
• The three primary defenses of grand theft are good faith possession, equal ownership and valueless property.

Good faith possession requires proof, under Florida law of taking with intent to steal. Equal Ownership means a co-owner of property can’t be held guilty unless the other co-owner has a legal interest that authorizes them to the withholding of the property. Valueless Property is stealing something of no value. Value is defined as the market value of that property at the time and place of the offense or, if it can’t be ascertained, the cost of replacement of that property within a reasonable time after the offense has been committed.

Juvenile Crimes

These types of crimes require more consideration and an objective point of view than other crimes. The system is set up to deal with the least and most violent juveniles that are reported. Juvenile offenders are usually gang members, drug dealers and kids accused of petty or more serious theft. Since the courts are flooded with offenders, judges don’t have the time to treat each case as individually as they otherwise could. There are a lot of small details to consider when dealing with a juvenile case. This is where we come in as your low-cost Orlando area juvenile defense attorneys.

Please do not let your child enter into a court without our experienced help We are knowledgeable in juvenile law and can be there to get you both through this rough time with as much thoughtfulness and professionalism as possible. Florida, as well as the nation, is dealing with more of a zero tolerance than has been applied to a way of treating this type of defense than ever before. Some behaviors years ago were dismissed with a boys will be boys type of attitude.

Today no one has the time or patience to deal with each situation as individually as they should. There is no spanking in the school systems anymore which might set a lot of kids straight years ago and keep them out of trouble. Children are dealt with a lot harder than they once were and we can be there to help you and your child get through this dire time in their lives.

Juvenile cases can place a mark on your child’s record in court that will stay with them for the rest of their lives Some records are kept confidential but with the technology we have now, a background check can bring these marks to the surface. We will do all in our power to help you and your child through this time and hopefully bring him/her out the other side with a sense of hope and new found confidence in their futures.

Orlando attempted murder lawyers handle attempted murder criminal defense in Orlando

Call our affordable Orlando attorneys if you have been charged with attempted murder. They are highly experienced in handling a client who is facing this charge. Florida Statutes section 777.04 and 782.04 happens when the defendant commits an act toward committing a murder; then, he/she failed in the attempt or someone prevented it from happening. Acting quickly can be the difference between you having to go to court on an attempted murder charge or not.

Orlando attorneys can claim self-defense as a criminal defense or use the defense that the attempt was abandoned. The theory is if the individual who changes his/her mind, is not guilty of attempted murder.

Our experienced and affordable Orlando attorneys, who are experienced in handling cases of attempted murder, will study every facet of your case to make the right determination in your defense. The type of criminal defense will vary from case to case depending on the circumstances. In the state of Florida, attempted murder charges are prosecuted the same way as a murder case with the theory that the defendant should not benefit just because the attempt was not successful. Let us help you with your legal needs.

We have over 20 years of criminal defense experience and a former Florida State Prosecutor affording you the knowledge that will help you while providing affordable legal fees. We provide free lawyer consultations for those charged with attempted murder in Orlando.

Affordable Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers

We, at affordablelegalfees.com, are here to make sure you obtain the best lawyer to represent you by guiding you every step of the way in case you are involved in one of these serious crimes. We offer our experienced low-cost and affordable attorneys at a 25% savings over other Orlando area attorneys to handle your case with effectiveness, expertise and aggressiveness. We will do all in our power to make sure we achieve desired results and that your case is handled with fairness and firmness.

Our low-cost criminal defense attorney or cheap criminal defense attorney will reduce the legal fees for those seeking legal help through our service, which is free to the public. We will help you schedule a free consultation with one of our affordable Orlando criminal lawyers by calling us at (407) 982-7700 or filling out our contact form for a fast call back.

Orlando Criminal Defense laws will change based on legal precedent and very important to the legal system. We have experienced Orlando Criminal Defense lawyers who use criminal statutes along with low cost attorney fees to help Orlando residence.