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Personal injury attorneysVictims of accidents have the right to demand compensation for their medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost income, and pain and suffering. Successful premises liability lawsuits can also start from conditions other than a slippery floor, such as any hazardous condition on a property, improperly shelved merchandise, or poor security resulting in a crime.

Injuries from an accident can result in not only missing work and school but the victim may need additional help to complete normal, everyday tasks, such as driving a car, caring for children, or running a household. Back injuries, spinal cord injuries, dislocated hips, broken bones, and other slip and fall injuries will usually require multiple surgeries and costly rehabilitation.

Spouses of victims are entitled to recover damages for loss of consortium, i.e. the loss of the companionship and support they would receive from their married injured spouses. They are entitled to join in any personal injury action filed by their injured spouse. In addition, the married spouse is entitled to recover for the money he or she spent on taking care of his or her injured spouse as well as any lost income that the spouse incurred while taking care of his or her spouse.

Children, dependents, and parents are also under the theory of loss of consortium to recover.

Florida Personal Injury / Slip and Fall Attorneys

Florida Personal Injury Attorneys deal with slip and fall accidents and can help you with your medical bills and loss wages due to the negligence of others. Let us refer you to a slip and fall injury attorney who can open your case, counsel you about your options, and figure out the best strategy for recuperating medical bills, damages and lost wages in your slip and fall litigation.

Slip and fall is a very common kind of premises liability accidents. Some common types of premises liability cases include accidents for uneven floor surfaces, liquid or debris left on the floor, broken sidewalks, poorly marked changes in elevation, poorly light area, area under construction with improper or no warning sign, broken steps and uneven elevators. A slip, fall or tripping accident can be very painful and can take weeks or months to heal with or without surgery.

Unfortunately, people suffer injuries when they are away from home every day in restaurants, stores, parking lots, amusement parks, grocery stores, swimming pools, and other public places. Slipping on a wet floor or tripping over a carelessly discarded item can result in a broken bone or other painful injuries, along with steep medical bills, lost work time and disruption to your life.

Our personal injury attorneys can assess your case, counsel you about your options, and figure out the best strategy for recovering damages in your slip and fall litigation in Florida. Our Florida personal injury attorneys reduce their fees to help the public through our service. You can have representation with no money up front after a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our Florida Personal Injury Attorneys.

Contingency fees start at 25% not 33.3% so you get to keep more settlement money!

Dog Bite / Animal Bite Lawyers Florida

Florida dog bite victims often need far more than just legal help following an attack from man’s best friend. Many times the psychological effects can be longer lasting than the actual physical bite. Often the victim suffers nerve damage, permanent scars and needs short term or long term counseling.

Each year millions of people are hurt by animal bites and seek the legal help of an experienced Florida Personal Injury lawyers to find a legal remedy. It’s sad but many people are horribly disfigured by or even killed by Dog and animal bites in Florida each year. Dogs bite people for many reasons; from protecting their owners, property, puppies or sometime they are just bad dogs. Regardless of the type of animal bite our Dog / Animal Bite Attorneys can help you with your Legal needs.

Florida Personal Injury contingency legal fees

Should one of our Lawyers accept your case you pay nothing up front and our contingency fees always start from 25% not 33.3% so you keep more of your settlement money.


Often health insurance, or other forms of insurance such as Medicaid or Medicare will take care of the injuries Under Florida Law, the insurance companies have subrogated rights i.e. the right to be reimbursed by the proceeds of any recovery. Lawyers have the right to renegotiate with the insurance companies to get them to accept a lower portion of the funds so you can retain more. The only exceptions may be Medicaid and Medicare which have specific statutes with respect to subrogation.

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